Open parties
Blockchain platform for the protection of intraparty democracy with a transparent reporting system and an open register of members and organizations' decisions
Project presentation
'Open Parties' - a transparent system of organizations' reporting, in which no decision can be passed by unnoticed by members of the community or be approved with violation of procedures. An open register of members and decisions of organizations that will not allow leaders to manipulate and will stimulate the development of democratic practices within communities.
Andriy Yusov
Original Author, Project Coordinator
Anatoliy Astafiev
Analytical Support (philosopher, writer, analyst)
Ivan Mazur
Technical Director, co-author
Ruslan Burlachenko
Development Manager, co-author
Christina Kovalenko
Communication Manager
Igor Galan
Marketing manager
Serhii Kolosov
Max Onilov
Blockchain developer
Oleksandr Povorozniuk
Frontend developer
Vitalii Shchur
Backend developer